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ALSANUSI for Watches & Jewellery: Established in 1971 as a watch selling stores by Mr. ALI ALSANUSI my Grandfather, who had the vision that Watches Industry in Libya would one day become an outstanding business.

Al Sanusi Stores has been in existence all these years and it has passed through the hands of the founder down to my father and now to me and my brothers. It has been a family business company which my grandfather had put all his efforts to make sure that this company would not suffer any collapse.

He worked as a sole proprietor promoting the watch business in Libya. He moved all over the European countries to frequent watch manufacturing firms in order to make sure he was in line with the newly manufactured products in the world.

This, was kept by his children till this present time. Through his determination Al Sanusi Stores has become one of the best distributors in the country until his death.

He introduced my father into this business and as the old proverb goes “Like father like son”, he also continued where my grandfather had left. He also carried the good work of his father, introducing new watches from Europe into the African markets via Libya, his hard work & management got him to win many hearts of watch manufacturers in many parts of Europe.


With ten owned showrooms operated by myself along with my brothers. The main showroom is located At Ben Ashour Street, The main street of Tripoli – the capital of Libya. More plans are in the pipe line to spread into other shopping centers & the other main cities in Libya. We also have one of the largest and oldest workshops for watches maintenance and repairs.


The company has a work force of about 36 staff. Each of these stores has After Sales Points with well qualified personals who attend to the needs of numerous customers. There are also Sales Representatives who canvass and promote the sales of the watches in the country.

With our most dynamic, hardworking and dedicated staff we are determined to open more point of sales in shopping centers sooner or later and I am very optimistic that other watches brands will be added to our existing portfolio already in stock as the economy is getting improved and the market is opening up.

The majority of our brands are from Switzerland and I am the sole distributor of BOSS, ELLE, ROTARY , TIME FORCE, Sector, LAMBORGHINI, FILA, LEE COOPER, LOUIS CARDIN, ACCURATE, ALFEX, and VERSACE watches in Libya.

We promote the sales of watches in the country and have gained fame and authenticity. I am happy to announce to you that through hard work and dedication we are one of the leading watch companies in the country. We are happy to discuss the addition of new brands into our company who looks for the right partner in Libya for the Watch Industry.

Best Regards,
Fathi Alsanusi

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